When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty


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Nice to see a reasonable argument from #occupywallstreet. How well spoken and sound. Tell me again why people should…

Calm down and take off your fedora. If you think men are oppressed in this society you are just as deluded as the capitalists that whine about “class warfare.” Feminism IS about equality.*

Now you can go fuck yourself.

(*except for anti-trans radical feminists who can also GTFO)

For true Equality, not based on gender or any other factor, please read:


As a man whose penis cannot reach his anus, I am unable to comply with your requests. I also do not own a fedora, and if that was meant to be some form of insult, it was rather sad. Feminists, or people who identify themselves as such, are rarely TRUE feminists, BECAUSE they believe in equality for all. Equality = Egalitarianism.

Read sometime, it’s good for the soul.